Photo-A-Day #742 04/20/07

This is a statue outside the TF Green Airport. I have never actually seen these people in an airport. For one thing the folks are smiling. That is unheard of. The kids are being well behaved too. It is such an unbelievable statue.

Can you tell I had a long day in the air, in airports and in lines? I did have a long day and spent the whole day in a middle seat. So here are some pictures that better describe a day of travel in the modern age.

Where is the exit?
The view from the back of the bus. Are there people up there, they look sooo small.

Why are the gates so far apart.
Why are the gates so far apart?

But I am home now and enjoying watching the new FOX show Drive. It is a pretty decent show. We are watching all three hours today. I am looking forward to Monday’s next episode as well as the return of Heroes.

I caught up with many of my podcasts during the flight and I read my comic books and my latest Laurel K. Hamilton novel. That was in between passing out from exhaustion.

I have another airline pet peeve. What makes it okay to clip your nails on a plane? I have been on more than one plane ride where I have heard the unmistakable sound of someone clipping their fingernails. What makes someone think this is okay to do on a plane full of people? I wonder what Mr. Manners would say about this?

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #742 04/20/07”

  1. They’re probably real people, who turned to stone because they’d been waiting at the airport for so long, they fused to the ground and became fossilized.

    Poor swines.

  2. Princesse, I hate the middle seat too. You can’t move anywhere and you are jammed right in. And your observation about the statue is spot on.

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