Photo-a-Day #744 04/22/07

Today we worked on getting the old bedroom empty and clean so we can start making it over into our new living room. We have a ways to go but not that much time to get there. We will be inheriting some furniture in the near future and need to have that room painted and ready to go before we can move it in. I can’t wait to have the new living and dining rooms completed, then our guests don’t have to sit on the floor while we have them over for dinner. Game nights will be started back up and we will plan some nice meals for our friends and family. We love to entertain and that is going to be something we will do often at our home.

Another thing that we do at home often is Work From Home. I telecommute each Thursday and this is the home office that I have set up to work the magic. I did some cleaning today so I got a nice wide screen shot of the workspace. To the right of the monitor is the in/out box. This is where I meticulously keep all of our receipts till the bills come each month and I can put them with the bills. Then there is my PPP foam finger. I would wear it when I type my PPP posts but I find it hard to hit the shift key when I have that foam finger on. So I keep it there as inspiration while I write my paid posts.

My monitor is my favorite part of the workstation because it is big enough that I can have two screens open side by side and they look like two regular screens. It is awesome. To the left of the monitor is the printing station. I keep a myriad of papers there as well as to printers. Both are HP and I love them (I wasn’t paid to say that, I really do love them and will only buy HP printers). One is a combo Scan/Copy/Print job and the other is a portable photo printer. I find that my workstation allows me to get many things done in a short period of time because it is so organized, well lit and well… did I say organized.

I hope that my workstation at home is one of the best so that I can win the competition that is happening at

Today I also learned that Allison takes more pictures than I do, or at least she used to, I know we moved them all from the old bedroom to the back room (future guest room). Also Allison enjoys Excite Truck just as much as I do and we have a great time playing together. she can totally kick my butt from time to time as well.

I know my pictures this past week were much better than today’s. I will look for more subjects of interest in the coming weeks. Did you notice that my unofficial theme of last week was wide screen photos? The Canon SD800is has a wide screen setting and I love it.

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