Photo-A-Day #745 04/23/07

Oliver sticking out his tongue.

Oliver was being his cute self this evening. The only thing that makes this picture imperfect is the fact that I had to use the flash and thus captured the “laser” kitty eyes. That is the tough thing about photographing animals in poor light from across the room.

I did capture the tongue on the nose between the kitty fangs but that is about it. Photographing our cats is hard too because they are skittish and as soon as I move for the camera they are gone in a flash. I tried a couple of times to get him with his paws over his head but once I moved for the camera he switched positions.

Been looking at a few things to enhance this blog. I went a little plug in crazy courtesy of a list of links from Army Mom. So look for some cool things coming here in the future.

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #745 04/23/07”

  1. It IS hard to take good cat pics; I have the same eye problem with most of our cats.

    But this is a cool picture…he looks like Scary Robo-Cat here. Whaddya mean, you’re not gonna feed me, or clean my litter box? I’ll show you! 🙂

  2. Christine,

    Oliver’s secret super power is the ability to run and hide all scared. His laser eyes would be useless.

  3. MSM, There are plenty of pictures of “the boys” we have two cats, in the PAD vault, check around and you’ll find a bunch. Thanks for visiting, hope you are a repeat visitor as time goes on.

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