Photo-A-Day #746 04/24/07

Yes, the weather was beautiful today, not too hot and not too cold. It was perfect grilling weather. And Monday I went out and picked up a couple of steaks and some McCormick’s seasoning packets. I marinated this steak overnight and boy was it tasty. We had Jenn over for dinner before Allison and she had to go to knitting. I stayed at the house and played some Excite Truck. I’m on the Platinum courses at the moment. They are rather hard. I have unlocked all the cars except for one.

I also played some Soccer with Taylor while I grilled our dinner. Taylor is the best at soccer. She catches the ball in her mouth all the time and then she brings it over to you and drops it to the ground then pounces forward to “kick” it to you. I have to try and fake her out often to get the ball by her. I took a few pictures of Taylor while we played.

Photo-A-Day 746b 04/24/07
Taylor is ready for the soccer ball. Her tail never stops moving.

Photo-A-Day 746c 04/24/07
C’mon, kick it to me, please!!

Photo-A-Day 746d 04/24/07
I got the ball, eat your heart out Air Bud.

Well I have copied a few MP3s to my Wii memory card and am going to play Excite Truck with my own soundtrack. I dug back to the 80’s with Poison’s Nothing But a Good Time, Motley Crue’s Kickstart My Heart and GNR’s- Welcome to the Jungle.I’ll let you know how it was with my own music.

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15 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #746 04/24/07”

  1. That is one yummie-looking steak! ‘Bout time it got nice enough to grill, huh? And Taylor is one beautiful doggie! 🙂

    Thanks for the vote, and the mention! Maybe I will see you at PostieCon after all!

  2. OMG! That steak looks sooo good! I just had dinner and it was a boring bowl of cereal. Bleh!

    I’ve been trying to get a Wii since January and I can’t find them anywhere! Crazy!

    Just this last weekend I went to a Best Buy and a Circuit city and both had 6 Wii’s on Sunday morning but people were lined up at 6am on Sunday to get them, the stores don’t open until 10am. LOL, i want one but I’m not that crazy.

  3. Mike, you will get that Wii eventually. I just happened upon it one day at a CompUSA and there you go.If you get it you have to try excite Truck The game rocks and it rocked even harder with the soundtrack I added.

  4. Oh, man, that meat looks so good. You’re making me hungry!

    We were lucky to get a Wii at Christmas, but we don’t have Excite Truck. We just picked up “Wii Play” though but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I’m embroiled in Final Fantasy XII on the PS-2 at the moment.

  5. Delicious looking steak, and a great looking dog. I’m trying to cut back on my red meat intake a little as I’m “cutting” for summer… but man that steak looks incredibly delicious… and it’s only 8:50am here!


  6. Ami-Chan,

    You have to get Excite Truck for the pure fact that you can use your own MP3’s as driving music. I swear I drove better last night when Kickstart my Heart blasted as I tore around the track.

    Wii play is also a good game, fun for two players, wish it was possible to play with more people on that one.

  7. Dustin,

    Yep, Taylor is my Sister’s dog, she is the sweetest dog every. And very smart. Both my wife and I were sick of chicken and we both craved a decent steak. Hope I didn’t knock you off your desire to stay away from red meat… It was very tasty however. 🙂

  8. LOL, no worries! I went and had a nice bowl of wild rice…….. LOL

    tonight or friday night might be good steak nights. those are heavy-heavy weights days. ha!

  9. I grill several times a week, year-round Drew, but I try to not have too much red meat also. You make it look so good, though, I think it’s time again!

  10. I would like to grill all year round but I get too cold in the middle of our freezing winters. You’re making me very envious Skeet. Thanks for the comment, looking forward to photos from you on your blog.

  11. Your steak picture made my mouth water. God I loved grilled steak.

    Thanks for visiting my blog…even if you ARE beating me at blog for a year 🙂

  12. That is okay, we are both getting trounced by Melanie. My firend Andy laughs because each day I’m further and further from the top spot. It is all in good fun. You should sign up for Fuel My Blog you’ll get more traffic and votes. The folks there are really nice.

    Thanks for the visit.

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