Photo-A-Day #756 05/04/07

Brush and Paint

Today I took a vacation day so that I could get more painting done, and because I needed to take some time or lose it. I’ve accumulated 4 weeks of vacation time and will go over that amount at the end of the month. We accumulate 10 hours of vacation time a month adding up to 3 weeks a year. It is a pretty good deal and I usually use my vacation time but have been saving it up for the baby as well as to help my in-laws move.

I started the morning by giving a finish coat to all the trim. This was much quicker than yesterday. I was able to do the whole room in about 2 hours. It is a pretty big room with lots of molding. I listened to a couple of episodes of the Triple Feature Podcast with three web comic artists that I enjoy. We have Theater Hopper by Tom Brazelton, Joe Loves Crappy Movies by Joe Dunn and The Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin. I enjoy the podcast and want to catch up to speed with the current episodes. I am up to episode 12.

After painting I spent some time working on a brand new meme that I am kicking off this Monday. It is called Magnetic Monday Musings and will feature those magnetic words that you can use to form poems, haiku’s and statements. I put the finishing touches on the rules and got a blog roll all started and made icons. I will eventually make some chicklets as well. I’m all ready for Monday and I hope that you are interested in participating.

I also did a few paid posts and added some new things to the blog. I downloaded a few plug ins that I haven’t had a chance to play with. I did install a Mr. Linky box with my entries for Photo Hunters. And I put up a photo for this week’s theme which is childhood.

I took a conference call later in the afternoon and then I paper taped all around the trim I painted earlier in the day. After that was done I started priming the walls. We had some tinted primer left over from when we did the bedroom. So rather than waste it I used that as the primer, however there wasn’t quite enough of it so partway through the project I mixed in some white primer that we also had for the trim. Then my Dad came home and he started painting the ceiling. And halfway through that he ran out of paint. I went out to Benny’s and picked up some additional gallons of paint for the ceiling. Dad mixed that with the remaining ceiling paint. So on the walls and on the ceiling we have varying colors. It all gets painted over in the end. I took my four corners photos tonight as well. And I painted a square of the paint that will be going onto the walls. It is called Shabby Shic and is the paint and brush that is today’s Photo-A-Day.

Walls Primed Corner Shot 1 Walls Primed Corner Shot 2
Walls Primed Corner Shot 3 Walls Primed Corner Shot 4

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