Photo-A-Day #761 05/09/07

Photoshopped Flower

I spent today in the air. And during flight #1 for almost the whole flight, I was asleep. But I must have gotten the nap I needed because when flight #2 came around I was able to catch up on many of the podcasts I watch regularly and have some great fodder for content on Flatwater Tech and on this here blog.

One of the podcasts that I finally got around to watching was Photoshop Quick Tips. I had been meaning to start watching this for some cool tips and I wasn’t disappointed. Today’s photo was pretty standard before I watched Photoshop Quick Tips and tried the vignetting tip. I was excited to try out this tip with some photo of mine. So I played with some flowers that I took pictures of today and I made a second one with the stuffed bear that was hanging out by a waterfall in Oregon.

Teddy Bear Vignette

I also read the comic book collection: Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch.

I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday tonight because I was tired and had no idea where anything else was and didn’t feel like exploring. So I just stayed around the hotel. Tomorrow I have the day to myself so I will go ahead and find something interesting to do on my way out to the site.

I just got an e-mail from Christine that the polls are now open for a contest that she is hosting on her blog, it is the one for me, one for you contest. The contest is between eight of us. You can vote for me every single day till the 16th.

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5 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #761 05/09/07”

  1. And you say you’re not an amazing photographer! That first shot is truly amazing, hon. The second is really cute, too.

  2. Thanks you very much. After working with it, I thought of a million other things to do with it, but then again I tend to be a perfectionist.

  3. All it takes is to get a camera and take pictures every day. Sometimes you hit a good shot sometimes you don’t. Don’t give up you can be a photographer too Syaf.

  4. You’re a perfectionist? I’d never have guessed…. Now where would you get that little personality trait from? hmmmm……

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