Photo-A-Day #765 05/13/07

Look Who is glowing

Today is Mother’s Day and I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our lives, My Mom, Grandmothers, Godmother and Mother-In-Law as well as Allison’s Grandmothers. Of course there is a Mom-To-Be in my life and todays Photo-A-Day captures her looking all beautiful (barefoot) and glowing. I had to capture this because Allison was barefoot, it made me laugh. She really enjoys having free toes whenever she can.

Last night I caught this picture of Clyde. But I had already put up the Photo-A-Day from the yard sale.

Cat & Mouse
Cat & Mouse

Today Allison’s friend Jesse came over with her baby Kaylee. Marcia got a chance to hold the baby for most of the time and feed her. Yep, she is ready for grandbabies.

Photo-A-Day #765b 05/13/07

And today we loaded up the truck with the rest of the furniture that we are taking to our place. We also got a little homemade kitchen play set. So I had everything including the kitchen sink in the truck on the way home. The Kitchen play set was hand built by Marvin G. He made this when Allison and Nate were little. And our kids will have it to play with, once I clean it up a bit. Oh and once they are born and they are about 3 or 4, so I have time to get it cleaned up.

Photo-A-Day 765c 05/13/07

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #765 05/13/07”

  1. Thanks so much, like I had anything to do with it other than take the pictures. Allison does look beautiful and baby Kaylee is adorable. Thansk for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Drew!
    Congrats to you and Allison. What a sweet photo. I don’t have the barefoot and pregnant one, but I have ones of me just days before my almost 9 pd son was born 20.5 yrs ago.
    Next year will be in more awesome for Allison.

  3. Congratulations to you Diane. Glad you enjoyed the photo. Thanks for swinging by my blog and dropping me a comment. We are very excited.

  4. I feel you on the whole 3-4 years to clean it up. I have like 20 home projects going on right now. It’s hard to get them done!

    And I agree with Allison. Having free toes in the grass is a good feeling!

  5. Doesn’t she though. Little Kaylee is such a cutie, she is about 2 months. That is Allison’s parent’s house. They are moving.

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