Photo-A-Day #769 05/17/07

Oliver living the life of Riley

I worked from home today. When I work from home a few things happen. One I work, two I end up being overwhelmed by needy little cats. Oliver and Duncan cannot keep from spending all their time with me, walking all over me. So when Mommy gets home Oliver keeps up the needy act and ends up getting relaxed on Allison’s lap. Oliver and Duncan live the life of Riley. They really do.

Today The brand new and last Transformers Movie Trailer was released. This trailer is going to be in the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Shrek the 3rd. I found some other movie trailers online at Yahoo Movies Summer Movie Guide They have all the great ones that are coming out this summer.

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10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #769 05/17/07”

  1. I have long ago decided that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I wanna come back as a cat. I look at all of the lazy cats around here, and wish that all I had to do in life was be fuzzy and cute.

    Reason # 47,854,397 why cats are smarter than humans. They have it all figured out. We do not own cats, they own us.

  2. Oh, but Markk, he is cute! That one long claw in the photo is very unusual for us – generally they’re kept nice and short. I just haven’t been home much. They’ll get trimmed this weekend.

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