Photo-A-Day #770 05/18/07

Measure twice

Let’s just say that the old adage “Measure twice, cut once” also applies to measuring twice before you assemble a 300lb entertainment center and try to put in an empty closet.

Today Dad and I finished up the touch up stuff in the new living room. We washed the floor, took out all the stuff that still was in the room. Then we put the entertainment center together. The plan was to but the entertainment center in the closet. This was something that Allison and I thought would be a great way to be able to cover the entertainment center when we weren’t using it. Well the entertainment center is 72 inches across. The closet has a 60 inch opening. I knew this, I measured it. I knew that we had to put one side in first and then slide in the other side. Well I was about 4 inches short. There is a pip in the closet for the heat and I didn’t take that into consideration. So the Entertainment center is not in the closet. Here’s another photo of why it is not where we originally wanted it.

Measure Twice

Here are the corner shots from the room today. All I need to do now is move in the furniture. Then I have to get the entertainment center filled up with our electronic stuff.

Finished Living room Corner 1 Finished Living Room Corner 2
Finished Living Room Corner 3 Finished Living Room Corner 4

I received my prize from the One for Me One for You contest. Food Network ships super fast! The prize included a stylish Black ViewMaster and some photos from Alton’s Trip.

My Viewmaster

Thanks so much Christine. She got hers today too.

Worked on house so not much done on the blog today. My contest is coming soon, putting the details together.

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  1. Drew, The entertainment center looks good on that wall.It may work better for flow thur the room with the couches on the other walls. And the closet can now be used for “STUFF” DAD

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