Photo-A-Day #775 05/23/07


I am on a flower kick lately. And I am shooting them as the main focus of the photos too. I like to get everything else blurry except for the one flower I am focusing on.

Fairly mundane day, but tonight is the Lost finale for the season. I am going to start by watching the answers show and then the 2 hour finale. That is how Heroes should have done it, but oh well. I look forward to the return of that show and I of course look forward to LOST.

If you missed it you should check out my post about Book Crossing (and no it is not cross dressing while reading). If you decide to sign up please use my user name BenSpark as the person who referred you. I get nothing from it except for some wings next to my name. I plan to release my first book to the wild this weekend. It is Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell. You can read the journal entry on this book. When I release it there will be clues added on where to find it. It will be somewhere on Cape Cod.

Watch Lost tonight and read my recap and review tomorrow on BenSaprk 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Oh yeah I forgot, my blog Flatwater Tech was Blog of the Day for PayPerPost. Pretty cool.

I also found my next camera on Gizmodo and posted about it on The Wired Kayaker.

Another one of my photos was picked for the Wallhogs blog.

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