Photo-A-Day #776 05/24/07

Photo-A-Day #776

Down in Front Buster! Today I moved the electronics equipment into the new Living Room. Three years ago Allison got me a Sony DVD/VCR/Receiver with Surround Sound. I got use out of the DVD/VCR but never hooked up the speakers to the Receiver part. Today I hooked up the Cable to the New Surge Protector, connected that to the DVD/VCR/Receiver Combo, hooked that to the TV and I also hooked the Wii to the VCR so I could play that with Surround sound.

Tonight Erik helped me move all the furniture from the Old Living room to the New Living Room. However I didn’t take any pictures yet because I wanted to get everything set up for my “Four Corners” shots. I still have to get the bookcase and the Entertainment Center filled with some of the stuff that was put in the back room.

I am really enjoying Excite Truck. I am now at the level of Super Excite and it is much harder but there are about 7 more trucks to unlock. I’ve unlocked all but one and most of my cars have a second paint job.

What did you think about LOST’s finale last night? I posted about it and some links to other great recaps. You can also discuss it in our The BenSpark Forum.

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