Photo-A-Day #777 05/25/07

Photo-A-Day #777 05/25/07


PAD is early today because after work Allison and I are seeing Pirates 3 with some friends form work at the Framingham Premium Cinemas. The seats are large and leather, free popcorn and free soda. The ticket prices are high but I figure in the long run I will make out on the deal with the amount of Popcorn and I have.

Then we head off to the Cape. Should be a nice weekend and I am planning on taking lots of pictures and going kayaking so I may actually get some cool things to put on The Wired Kayaker.

Not sure how connected I will be this weekend so things may be a little sparse around here. Don’t worry I have over 4 years of archives here and on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I had to upload the PAD to both Buzznet and Flickr. Buzznet feeds my PAD hosts. Buzznet is down but should be back up soon.

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #777 05/25/07”

  1. You forgot about the fact that it’s 21 and over…that’s the real icing on the cake!!!

    I hope it was fun-I have a game plan to see it Monday…I can’t wait!!

    Happy Memorial Day!!

  2. Mo, Yeah it is 21 and over, that is a very dool thing. But neither Allison nor I drink anymore. You will enjoy the movie, it was pretty fun.

  3. What must you think of me?? It’s not about the booze–it’s about enjoying a movie without teenage brats texting on their phones, or whispering through the movie, or giggling everytime Orlando Bloom is on screen. I’ll grant you-the availability of liquor is a bonus…but to watch a movie in peace…that’s the sweet part!! 🙂

    Have fun at the Cape…go see the new JFK statue!!

  4. I agree that having a quiet theater made it much better to watch the movie. I didn’t mean to imply that booze was on your mind.

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