Photo-A-Day #780 05/28/07

Hidden photographer

Harry tried to get the room without anyone knowing. I was at the ready and got this great candid shot. Today Allison and I left the Cape and came back home then went up to New Hampshire for a party in honor of Dan and Marcia’s move.

This morning we had a nice and tasty breakfast at CrabApples. Then we drove home to drop off my car and pick up Allison’s. My car has a faulty air conditioner, again. I have to get that fixed. So we did a few things at home and then headed up to New Hampshire.

We got to Dan and Marcia’s around 12:00 and then helped them move a few more things out of the house and picked up our last boxes and whatnot from their house. There was a big box of books that I may be able to use in BookCrossing or we may save for the kids.

We then went over to Harry and Sherrie’s for a nice party where they went out to the local eateries that are favorites of Dan and Marcia. We had chicken tenders from the back room and boneless spare ribs from their favorite Chinese restaurant and their favorite sub shop. We had tons of great food and also got to take quite a few pictures of their friends and family. Here is one of Allison and I with her brother Nate and his wife Sarah along with Dan and Marcia.

Photo-A-Day #780b 05/28/07

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