Photo-A-Day #784 06/01/07

Today I had the day off and I started the morning with a paddle down the Bungay River again. Why did I go there twice in one week, well things have been moving pretty fast since I posted my first ever podcast on Tuesday.

You see, less than 24 hours after I posted my very first Wired Kayaker podcast on YouTube I was contacted by Rick Foster of the Sun Chronicle. He is doing a story about local people who are using YouTube and other video hosting sites, what they are posting and why. Yesterday I had a rather long conversation with Rick about the podcast, my blogging, kayaking and many other things. During that phone call we set up a time for one of the Photographers from the Sun Chronicle to come and take my photo for the article. And we settled on the Bungay River as the place where the photo shoot would take place.

At 11:00am I met Martin Gavin, a photographer from the Sun Chronicle. He took photos of me as I prepared my gear, unloaded my boat, then loaded the gear and myself into the boat. I just went about my routine and he kept shooting as I did so. Then I got on the water and he had me paddle out a ways and then back and then out and then back. I had my video camera in the makeshift rig and I turned it on and documented the photo shoot. Look for that footage in a future Wired Kayaker Podcast. I think I am going to try and make them a weekly thing rather than so many at one time. I have already released two and shoot footage for a third so I may be saturating things too quickly. I am just so excited about the project.

the other thing that has me very excited is a contest that I will be hosting here on this blog on Monday. The first prize is very cool and I think this will be something that many bloggers would enjoy having.

Today’s Photo-A-Day is of a very cooperative frog. I took a ton of photos of this frog, and got some for Macro Monday so come back for that, and also for The Wired Kayaker.

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10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #784 06/01/07”

  1. You’re FAMOUS!!! That’s awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see the article!!

    Mr. Frogger is pretty cool…I was shocked but I actually saw a turtle crossing the street the other day. I know they are supposed to be slow…but this little bugger was FLYING!! Nature can be pretty cool:)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Well turtles were very fast in the water, and to avoid being road pizza they better move their shelly butts across the road. Have a great weekend too.

  3. Come on back on Monday to see my Wet and Wild Series of macro shots, Mr. Frog is certainly ready for his close up. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

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