Photo-A-Day #800 06/17/07

I'm in the Newspaper

About 3 weeks ago I was contacted by my local newspaper about a story that was being done about people from the area who use YouTube to upload videos. That just happened to be less than 24 hours after I posted the first Wired Kayaker podcast. And in that time since I recorded 4 episodes but have only posted 2 of them.

Today as I left church out priest, Fr. Dave was all excited about having a ‘celebrity’ in the parish. Allison and I had stepped over the paper on our way to church but totally missed that I was on the front page, as Allison says, “above and below the fold”. Yep, there were two pictures in the paper. The article was a very good one and was very positive to what was out there on YouTube. I really liked that the article focused on the productive things that people did on YouTube rather than the non productive stuff. You can read the article at The Sun Chronicle Online.

As for the future of the podcast I have many plans and hope to expand it beyond the ‘on the water’ stuff. I did sign up for the PodShow network and that is where I will host the podcasts for The Wired Kayaker in the future, what this means is that you can subscribe to the show and download it directly to iTunes. I want to be able to have my podcasts with me on my iPod to show people. I also want to do some stuff at local shops and demo days and all sorts of things.

Next month Allison and I are heading to Florida to see Dan and Marcia and I hope to get to ride up to Orlando and maybe do a joint episode with Ashley from PayPerPost. That would be cool. I’m just very excited to have been int he paper, and on the front page no less. So exciting.

I meant to get the 3rd episode cut together today but the new dining room took priority. Today Allison and I spent much of the day cleaning and rearranging the house. I washed the walls, removed the rugs and took everything off the walls, not in that order. Now the room is completely cleared out, I need to tape the floors and prep for Dad to come in and put up the joint compound. Here are the 4 corner pictures. I plan to do 4 corners after each stage of the renovation.

New Dining Room - Corner #4 New Dining Room - Corner #3
New Dining Room - Corner #2 New Dining Room - Corner #1

Today’s 800th Photo-A-Day was taken with my new XShot, hand held tripod. You can get your own for a discount. This is how you get your XShot discount. Head to XShot and put an XShot in your cart then just enter SparkRocks when you checkout. Hurry though, the promo code lasts till July 15th.

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #800 06/17/07”

  1. Wow! Very nice article, and congrats on making the front page of the paper! Have you gotten a lot more hits on Wired Kayaker because of this? I hope so!

    Wonderful news!

  2. I haven’t noticed an increase but people have been calling my parents and my sister. I even saw a family friend while out grocery shopping, he read the article too. I did get a new subscriber on YouTube. Just gonna take it slow and focus on content.

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