Photo-A-Day #802 06/19/07

Classics Megatron

So I am going to see the Transformer’s movie with Allison and our friends John and Chris on June 28th. And then I’m going to see it again that same night. With the movie coming out so soon I am going to probably have many Transformers related Photo-A-Day images within the coming week. The other reason that there will be many Transformers photos is that …

I am going to be photographed for the newspaper again. Yes, again. About 3 months ago I was talking with Randy at Wild Time Comics. He had just been in the paper because of the death of Capitan America. I asked him if the newspaper asked him much about people who were into certain comics because of all the comics that have been made into movies. He gave me the name of someone at the paper so I e-mailed them. But I never heard anything, until today. So it looks like I am going to be in the paper again.

I have about 400 Transformers. I began collecting them back when I was 10 years old. My Grandparents and Great Uncle would give me tons of Transformers each birthday and Christmas. I was a lucky kid I have to admit. Transformers have been very much a part of my life, I got away from them through high school and college but got back into them when Beast Wars came on TV.

I also used to collect the Transformers Comic books from Marvel when I was a kid. And during college I collected the 12 issue set called Generation 2. I used to watch the TV show on daily basis, without fail.

So I figured that with so many of the toys, comic books and other paraphernalia I could set them up for a great photo shoot.

Today I felt like absolute crap and intended to get them set up but was unable. I moved all the boxes except for the one that has all my Generation 1 stuff, into the empty front room. I am going to set the toys up for the Photo Shoot this Friday. I am very excited about this, especially since I have not taken many of the toys out to play with in so long. So I will be re-introduced to old friends throughout the week.

I’m almost finished reading the Official Transformers Movie Prequel by Alan Dean Foster. It is a pretty decent story.

Also today I was able to upload the third Wired Kayaker Podcast. I uploaded this one to the PodShow network.I need to get the others up there as well and figure out how to get these so that you can subscribe via iTunes.

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