Photo-A-Day #806 06/23/07


Photo-A-Day #806c 06/23/07 Photo-A-Day #806d 06/23/07

Today’s Photo Hunter theme was shiny and I saw many people who had as their photos, dragonflies. I was lucky to catch one outside the house this morning. I ran up and down the stairs to get my camera, then to get my memory card, which I had taken out but not replaced. But I was finally able to get the images above.

Today Allison and I went up to New Hampshire. We first stopped by Double Midnight Comics to say hi to the guys, Chris, Scott and Brett. They were having their 5 year Birthday for the store. If you are ever in Manchester, NH you should drop over to one of the best comic shops in the Northeast. It is clean and stocked very well. They even have game tournaments. Today they had a couple of artists doing sketches. It was nice to see the guys.

We got a picture with Spider-Man too. We used the XShot to take the photo.

Photo-A-Day #806b 06/23/07
And a bonus Spidey Shot

Photo-A-Day #806e 06/23/07

I wore my “Dry T-Shirt Contest Winner” Shirt today to the comic shop and I received many compliments on how funny the shirt was. Thanks for the funny geek t shirt.

There was also a promotion going on through Regal Cinemas, you could donate $1 to get a star to write your name in, and if you donated $2 you could get a poster. each donation is headed towards a prize of 8 tickets to a sneak preview of the Transformers movie on July 2nd. It would be hilarious if I ended up winning that.

After the comic book store we had a nice lunch at Goldenrod. And then we headed over to stay with James for the weekend. Here is a picture of James and Kara. Kara is such a beautiful bloodhound.

Photo-A-Day #806f 06/23/07

Now we are hanging out with James and Kara and awaiting the arrival of Ken and Alicia.

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14 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #806 06/23/07”

  1. I love your dragonfly photos. I just might have to give you some money to print them up for me so I can frame them and hang them in the new house.

  2. For a “shiny” photo…get Sparky to wear some “glimmer,” preferably “foiled.” You probably won’t have to coax her into doing it-she’s probably already wearing some! Ha! I’m sure you know what “glimmer” is…think about it!!

    PS-I like the dragonfly photos too…they remind me of Gilmore Girls.

    Tell all I said hi:)

  3. Thanks Autumn. I can post up some full size ones and you can print out whatever you would like. No need to pay me, we go way back. I would love for you to hand one of my photos in your home.

  4. Hey there Mo, My macro Monday photos have to be about Bling. Maybe I can get some shiny bling stuff to photograph. I hadn’t thought of a BE photo in the hunt. I will tell Allison you said hi, she read the comment already and says hi too.

  5. Hi back to Allison…and to you!

    Maybe someday you’ll have “colors” as a subject…then I think that would be perfect for some “BEautiful” photography! Haa! It’s a sickness…I know!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photo of the dragonfly. I’m hoping to get at least one photo of one this summer. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I’m really impressed that you do this on a daily basis. I love the idea of taking a picture a day, but I just wouldn’t have the time to upload it I don’t think.

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