Photo-A-Day #819 07/06/07

Bostons on the Beach

Today was our first full day in Boynton Beach. We slept in a little bit, and then went over to the pool for a little while. We can see the pool from the living room window. It is across the pond. In the pond there are quite a few turtles and I should get a few photos of them later this week.

Our adventure yesterday was pretty long and drawn out. We left the Cape and headed to NH. When we got there we met up with Ian and had lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ. So after a tasty lunch Ian dropped us at the airport and we had a few hour to kill while waiting for our first flight. We took SouthWest so there was that whole cattle call thing that is so irritating. In order to get a decent seat you have to start lining up 1/2 an hour before the plane is ready to load. It stinks.

We did end up with a middle and an aisle. The pregnant one got the aisle seat so she could get up and down whenever she wanted. But the flight was bumpy so she had to stay in her seat. I got to sit next to some random teenage kid who was sitting at the window wearing a furry green hat.

Well I had a nice long post and then lost it. Here was today’s breakdown, pool, much sun, mall, screaming kids, Target got a Robot Heroes two pack of Optimus and Unicron, set up wireless in the house, set up webcam so grandparent’s to be could see the future grandchild often, technology is cool, dinner in Del Rey at Boston’s on the Beach.

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