Photo-A-Day #821 07/08/07

Lauderdale by the Sea

Today We got up and took everyone to breakfast. We went to an IHOP in Del Ray for some tasty pancakes and other breakfast tasty treats.

After our delicious breakfast we headed to Lauderdale by the Sea. We had to take two cars because there are 6 of us so Marcia, Allison, Eva and John parked and Dan and I looked for a place to park. We finally ended up paying for a spot down by the pier. We did get to see much of the area however because we made quite a few trips around the area.

Lauderdale by the Sea is a nice little place, a pretty nice beach and many shops. There was a terrific Ice Cream shop along the strip where Allison got a Lemon Sorbetto and Dan got Toasted Coconut ice cream. Pretty tasty stuff.

And guess what, it rained again. But the rain cleared up early so that we could go to the pool, which we did for an hour or so. The pool is the community hang out and you get to see everyone and meet all the folks around. We are meeting many of the neighbors.

Tonight was a nice family dinner and then a couple games of Farkle and Scat. Here are a few more pictures from the day.

Photo-A-Day #821b 07/08/07 Photo-A-Day #821 c 07/08/07
Photo-A-Day #821d 07/08/07 Photo-A-Day #821e 07/08/07
Photo-A-Day #821f 07/08/07 Photo-A-Day #821g 07/08/07
Photo-A-Day #821h 07/08/07 Photo-A-Day #821i 07/08/07

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10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #821 07/08/07”

  1. Uh Ronald, I think you may not be reading these posts, the place is Lauderdale by the Sea, I said it in the post as well as in a response to a previous comment that asked “Where is this at???”. But I appreciate the comment none-the-less.

  2. I sure wish I lived next to some water like you do. Nice blog. I see you been doing it since 2003. That’s great. You are an old timer!

  3. Hi Akanke,
    Glad you like the blog, I don’t feel like an old timer but I guess I ave been at this for a while after all. 🙂

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