Photo-A-Day #825 07/12/07

budding flower

Today we went back to work. Man it was tough getting up for work after having had almost two weeks off. Maybe more, oh well. Getting back into the swing of things was good though. I brought Optimus Prime back to work along with a couple more Robot Heroes to put up. Many people were waiting to tell me what they thought of Transformers, and a lot of people saw the movie so that was cool. I really missed not being able to go to the pool, yesterday I didn’t notice so much because of all the business of traveling back home. But now that I am home and it is a bit on the muggy side I really want to have some pool time.

There are only a few more days left to get your entry in to the Win an Xshot from Benspark contest. Here is a photo I took with the XShot, notice there are 6 people plus the house in the background. This device is a marvel I tell ya. And if you want one of your own either buy one using my $5.50 off coupon code or try and Win one from my July contest.

The family photo

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