Photo-A-Day #827 07/14/07


Today was a nice Saturday for Allison and I to relax a bit around the house, take care of catching up on some TV that we had taped last week and have a delicious egg and bacon sandwich on English muffins with strawberries and tomato slices on our plates.

Today we went over to Ryan and Amy’s house for a cook out. When we got there Mason and Ryan were playing with a balloon. Mason wanted us to join in and we played with him for about a half house, he was giggling and squealing with delight over this balloon and the games we were playing. It would hit his head and he’d shout “Bonk” and then I put the balloon in front of the air conditioner and the air would send it flying in crazy directions. This was a lot of fun because you never knew where the balloon was going to go so the unpredictability factor added to the fun for Mason.

Amy and the girls came home and Amy put out a delicious key lime dip and cinnamon graham cracker sticks. I could have eaten the whole thing it was so delicious. I think I did end up eating more than I should have but it was just so tasty. I don’t think that Allison should get the recipe because I would just want to eat that all the time.

A few more folks came to the house and Ryan, Mason, Dan and I went outside. Ryan worked the grill while Dan and I played T Ball with Mason. He was hitting very well. We aren’t quite sure if he is righty or lefty but he did hit lefty. And he walloped the ball a couple of times.After dinner a few people went home and we had Amy, Ryan,T.R. Jen Allison and me left at the house. We played some Wii, Ryan had rented Red Steel so he showed me how that game worked and then Amy had gotten Cooking Mama Cook Off so we watched Allison and Amy play and then Allison and T.R. played. I wouldn’t think that a cooking game would be any fun but it was certainly fun watching them play, it was sort of like watching someone play Wario Smooth Moves. There were all these wacky gestures that they had to do to complete the dish that they were cooking.

When we had enough of the Wii we played the board game, Would You Rather. That always ends up cracking us all up and then were tons of fits of laughter as well as a few sentiments of revulsion at the questions. It really is a funny game but the questions can be funny or just plain twisted. And we were playing the mild version.

I snapped today’s photo while lounging in the hammock for a bit of rest after chasing the kids around the yard and chasing the ball up and down the hill and over to the neighbors yard and wherever it ended up going.

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  1. I am a fan of the hammock as well, except I still need to drop a few because it is hard to swing on a hammock when your butt ins on the ground.

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