Photo-A-Day #838 07/25/07

Macro Buttons

Today I managed to paint the final coat of wall paint on the dining room. It took much longer than I expected. I’m using this new paint from Benjamin Moore called Aura. Man that stuff dries fast. It dried so fast in the roller bucket that by the time I was done cutting in the corners and ceiling I had a small layer of film on the top of the paint. That is fast, super fast. The fastest paint I ever used.

Life is pretty boring when the most exciting thing I did all day was paint the new dining room. The only thing I have left to do is touch up and pain all the trim. And then we’ll refinish the floor because it is a bit banged up from some years of abuse. By the time we are finished we are going to have a brand new place.

These are buttons that Allison has collected from her grandmother and her mother. They are in two mason jars. I poured them out on the floor for a quick little daily photo shot.

Over at the Wallhogs BIG blog, Scott snagged one of my photos to showcase.

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4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #838 07/25/07”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Marj. She certainly has a lot of buttons, I bet many pieces of jewelry could be made with them.

  2. What pretty buttons! Does Allison do any scrapbooking? Buttons make great embellishments for scrapbook pages. If she doesn’t scrapbook now, she might want to start once the baby is here. You’re going to have so many nice pictures of Baby BenSpark, you really should consider making nice albums to showcase them in.

    This would not only be nice for you to keep, but how nice homemade albums with nicely embellished pages would be for gifts for the grandparents and such.

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