Photo-A-Day #840 07/27/07


Today the Win an XShot form BenSpark contest came to a close. On Monday the winners will be formally announced on the blog. In the meantime you can get your own XShot at $5.50 off the price when you use my Promo Code XSHOTVOTE at the XShot website.

The roads in New England were nuts today. It started with a terrible accident this morning that actually affected the commute for the entire day. A drainage cover was kicked up by a passing truck and struck the vehicle and driver behind it. That is very scary. As someone who commutes about a hundred miles a day this is one of those freak accidents that makes me nervous.

The commute home was filled with tons of backups. A normal day takes about 45 minutes, today it took two. I did enjoy seeing the jerks who drive down the road in the breakdown lanes get nailed by the state troopers. I had a strong urge to open the window and give me best Nelson Muntz “Ha Ha”. But I finally got home.

Dad and I worked on the dining room. The painting job I did this past week wasn’t the best, I had quite a few spots that I missed or wasn’t able to cover very well. However with this new Aura paint I can spot paint those areas that need a second whack.

I went pro on Zooomr today. That photo hosting site is really good. I would recommend using it because you get unlimited uploads and with Flickr unless you are pro you can only upload and view 200 of your images. To be fair Flickr has many more features working but Zooomr is closing the gap quickly. And with Zooomr you can price out your photos to sell in the marketplace. That is pretty sweet.

Today’s photo is of a set of straws. What was very interesting to me is that the straws look striped when shot in macro. I also grabbed one that was a little blurry. I also added some photos of the room painted.

Photo-A-Day #840b 07/27/07 Implements of Construction.
Dining Room Remodel Dining Room Remodel
Dining Room Remodel Dining Room Remodel

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2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #840 07/27/07”

  1. I saw that traffic thing on the news this morning. Mike doesn’t commute in that direction, so it didn’t affect him, but still…very scary!

    He refused to have a cell phone forever, but after he got stuck in a traffic jam in I-93 due to a similar accident, I forced him to have one. I was sitting here, worried sick, and was about to start calling the police and hospitals, when he came home.

    That cell phone sure came in handy when our old car died, and he needed to call not only me, but a tow truck. Now he is glad I made him get a mobile phone!

  2. Cells are certainly great devices to have when used properly. Texting comes in handy for alerting Allison to my travel delays and safe landings.

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