Photo-A-Day #848 08/04/07

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Today my friends Derek and Michelle came down with their son Nicholas. Nicholas is the cutie in today’s photo. I took the camera and put it on rapid fire to get the best expression. He has so many. And he is such a cute happy boy. He loved the pail and shovel.

Derek and Michelle came for the weekend and so did my friends Ken and Alicia. We had a great cook out with tons of food and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Neil and Andrea came over for dinner and they just left. We were up late talking and joking and reminiscing. I love weekends like that. It was so nice to have everyone at the house.

I also took a number of photos around the house with my new Tripod. I picked it up at Job Lot for under $25.00. I also picked up some filters for my lenses. A polarizing one and a clear one. I feel much better about the safety of each lens now. I’m also going to write up a Tech Tuesday post about how to outfit your tripod for the beach. Look for that on Tuesday on FuelMyBlog’s Blog and Flatwater Tech.

Photo-A-Day #848b 08/04/07 Photo-A-Day #848c 08/04/07 Photo-A-Day #848d 08/04/07
Photo-A-Day #848e 08/04/07 Photo-A-Day #848f 08/04/07 Photo-A-Day #848h 08/04/07
Photo-A-Day #848g 08/04/07

You might have noticed the banner at the top of the page. That is for my August contest. I am giving away a Flickr or Zooomr Pro account (winner’s choice). I encourage you to step up to the challenge as it will be a fun contest. And it can help to drive readers to your blogs as well.

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #848 08/04/07”

  1. Nice pics! Today was a most perfect beach day!

    I’m glad your friends put a hat on their baby at the beach. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been at a ball game, in the hot sun, and see people with little babies there…with no hats on them or anything.

    I burn very easily myself, so I’m very conscious of this sort of thing.

    Nicholas is a very cute baby…he looks looks he’s having fun!

  2. Today was a great beach day.

    My friends are very good parents, very attentive and preventative. Nicholas is well cared for, and so happy.

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