Photo-A-Day #849 08/05/07

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Well I took about 2000+ shots of Baby Nicholas and he was cute in every single one of them. They are all so hard to choose from. But here is one I liked because of the focus of the towel and the softness of those cheeks. And his smiling eyes. Nicholas was a joy to have around all weekend. Such a happy baby.

Today we slept in, hung out on the porch and read the Sunday paper. Then we had lunch and headed over to the beach. Ken, Alicia, Derek, Michelle, Nicholas, Allison and I had a great time at the beach, in and out of the water. Nicholas loved playing at the beach today, he was much more accustomed to it and comfortable. Assimilating into beach life after a day and such a water bug. We had such a nice weekend and it was great to just have friends around and have not timetable or agenda. Just relax and hang around.

We stopped over and visited my grandmother so that Allison could show her all the things that she has knitted for our baby so far. She has a ton of stuff and is knitting up a storm. She’ll be putting up posts about some of the items soon on her blog Sparky’s View. We set Allison up with a Zooomr account the other day, so she’ll be posting more of her photos very soon.

And tonight we had dinner with Mom and Dad. We finished up the burgers, and most of the salad plus we had our first corn on the cob for the season (I can’t believe it was this late either.) Then I showed my Dad that their computer was set up and online and he showed me some great cars that he saw today at the car show. He’s making good use of the camera that we got for him. Next thing you know he may be getting his own Zooomr account.

Photo-A-Day Bonus #849b 08/05/07

The weather was very nice today and we could see clear to the Vineyard. I snapped this shot of a sailboat that was out in the water between us and Martha’s Vineyard.

Today I also prepared for this Tuesday’s Tech Tuesday tip, which is a low tech tip for a high tech piece of equipment. I learned about it online and implemented in my own life, worked pretty well too.

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