Photo-A-Day #858 08/14/07

Today I had an interesting day. I won the FuelMyBlog and Gizfolio contest. That means that I have a brand new freelancer portfolio to use to showcase my work and to pick up freelance jobs. So now I have to work on deciding what to post in my portfolio. I think this is going to open up some great potential for my work. I am really excited about winning this competition. There were so many great entries in the contest, too. Thanks to FuelMyBlog and Gizfolio for holding this contest. Here is the photo that was the one that put me over the top.

Photo-A-Day #847c 08/03/07

This is What the judges said about this image.

We felt that that you achieved something very special with this
picture, capturing the dragonfly’s movement so perfectly

Tonight Erik and I moved a bunch of things from the back two rooms to the new dining room. The baby’s room is now cleared out and it is time for me to start building the crib. So I am a bit tired.

Update on the contest. The contest has had a change in leaders. Lisa has moved into the top spot by a margin of 15 points. There are many points out there to acquire folks. Many more. And tomorrow I’ll send out a message to all the participants about a brand new opportunity to get points. I posted my Tech Tuesday posts today about Photo Hosting sites. Does anyone use hosting services other than Buzznet, Flickr or Zooomr. Here it is on FuelMyBlog and FlatWater Tech. Remember 5 points per comment on each of those posts within 24 hours of being posted. For photos you get a week to leave a comment. So if you are behind in the points you might want to check out my Buzznet, Flickr and Zooomr photos.

Here is a bonus photo-a-day photo and an extra one I took for Macro Monday.

Photo-A-Day #858b 08/14/07
Macro Monday :Anything Green 08/13/07

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10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #858 08/14/07”

  1. Congratulations on your win. The dragonfly photo is fabulous. I love the vibrant colours captured in the wax crayon pictures too.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. Congratulations Drew! The dragonfly makes a great nature shot. Perhaps hang it on your wall at home and the crayon pictures might make a good collage to go in the baby room. 🙂

  3. Thanks Christine,
    I am really scrutinizing each photo before I put it in my portfolio. This is really going to take some serious effort to make this a good portfolio. I need to push my photography skills more.

  4. Thanks Sara,
    I appreciate the comments and thrilled to see you following my blog outside of the weekends. Glad oyu liked the photos today. The crayons were one of my, “I ran out of time to get outside and need to stage something, and the cats aren’t cooperating, sort of photo.”

  5. Thanks AVCr8teur, Each time I get 100 photos done I make a collage of them through Kodak so eventually I will have the crayons in a collage around the house, and the dragonfly one I may get made into a framed photo.

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