Photo-A-Day #869 08/25/07

Father & Son

Today was a very nice day. We started out by sleeping in a bit and then it was time for Allison and Marcia to head to the church hall for Allison’s third shower. This one was thrown by her sorority alumni sisters and I hear that they hosted a great day. Everyone was certainly very generous. Everyone has been super generous at all the showers and for that we are lucky and grateful to have such wonderful friends and family.

I had a great breakfast with Neil, Nicholas and Dr. Derek. Yes, Derek got his PhD on Thursday after defending his dissertation. Man he works hard, very hard. We are going to miss him and Michelle and Nicholas when they move. But the opportunity is wonderful for them and we wish them luck.

Breakfast with the boys was a good time then we played the wii for a bit and helped carry the presents home from the Church. Again the generosity from everyone at all the showers has been overwhelming and Allison is next to me busily writing her thank you cards. We are excited to open things and get the room ready for the baby tomorrow. We have a whole library to put into the shelves. I can’t wait to read all the books to the baby.

It was very fun to hang out with baby Nicholas. He is such a happy baby and would smile when I made silly faces at him. I mean really smile, giggle and have so much fun. I even got to hold him for a bit and didn’t do half bad. Everyone was astonished at how far I had come since the first time I got to hold him. I’m much more comfortable these days. Andrea had my camera for the shower and when I got it back I snapped today’s photo of Derek and Nicholas. And these other ones as I made faces at Nicholas when he was eating.

Photo-A-Day #869b 08/25/07 Photo-A-Day #869c 08/25/07
Photo-A-Day #869d 08/25/07 Photo-A-Day #869e 08/25/07

Well, tonight we were overwhelmed by the heat so we decided to have a trip down to Fortune House for dinner. And as always it was so delicious. We just love eating there.

Come back to see Green Thumb Sunday for my latest batch of Sunflower photos.

Also if you haven’t heard I’m doing another contest with Michael from XShot. I missed a call from him today but I did get an e-mail with probably the most creative use of an XShot ever. You have to see these photos. And if you think you can come up with a very creative use for the XShot then please enter the contest. If you don’t have an XShot already please use this promo code (SPARK0907)at Xshot to get your own for $5.00 off.

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  1. Meeyauw, that is what drew me to choose this image. I took other ones of Derek and Nicholas but this one just made it for me.

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