Burn Out

Today was totally nuts. And tomorrow I am traveling to Minnesota. So I am feeling a bit like today’s Photo-A-Day. All comments will be responded to tomorrow night. Sorry folks. Life got the priority today. We had an unexpected trip to the hospital. Everyone is fine, it wasn’t Allison or I, it was a friend and Allison and I sprung into action to help. Crazy but also glad everyone is fine. And we got to spend some time with good friends.

I even had some time to take a few shots of the sunflowers between car switches.

Photo-A-Day #870b 08/26/07

Gotta take time out for good flowers.

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18 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #870 08/26/07”

  1. Christine says:

    I’ve had days where I felt like that light bulb, too.

    Glad your friend is okay!

  2. Mo says:

    I’m glad to hear everything is ok!! I hope that it continues to be so!

    Have a safe trip:) Be well!

  3. AVCr8teur says:

    Interesting blue frost bulb. Did you say it is for a car? Spending time at a hospital must’ve been a bummer, but it sounds like a happy outcome.

  4. meditation says:

    hey these are nice pic
    red flower look real ….nice

  5. Laane says:

    The lightbulb is amazing.

    We had a trip to hospital too, with our son.
    Turned out well too, luckily.

    Have a great trip!

  6. Lisa says:

    I hope everybody is doing well today!

  7. Christie says:

    Isn’t that a Mexican Sunflower? Beautiful colors.

  8. Desi says:

    Very beautiful flower.

  9. handy says:

    All the best for your friend!

    ..and that flower pic is beautiful!

  10. Drew says:

    Yeah, yesterday was a bit of a burn out day. We were very happy t help our friends in time of need, believe me we are always up for helping out. Just got a little overwhelmed before my trip because I had to drive to Boston and I absolutely hate driving into the city.

  11. Drew says:

    Hi Mo,
    All is well and the trip so far has been uneventful (safe) I had a nice day with cornfields, after cornfields after cornfields. But I got caught up on some of the audio podcasts that I’ve been meaning to listen to.

  12. Drew says:

    The bulb was from a lamp in the house. No car. I was happy to spend time with my friend, just a long day after an eventful weekend.

  13. Drew says:

    Yep Lisa, all is well again.

  14. Drew says:

    thanks meditation, Are you going through all my posts and commenting, slow down you don’t want to hurt yourself. 🙂

  15. Drew says:

    Glad things worked out well with your son. Hospitals can be scary. I work in them all the time so they aren’t as scary but they get to be when you don’t know what it going on with a loved one.

  16. Drew says:

    Christie, that very well could be a Mexican sunflower. I’m not the best with the names.

  17. Drew says:

    Thanks Desi.

  18. Drew says:

    Hi handy, thanks for stopping and commenting and the well wishes, my buddy is doing well. he got to rest today.