Photo-A-Day #872 08/28/07

Panning attempt

So today I demoed in the morning and then drove from Granite Falls to Minneapolis. An uneventful and long drive I got to catch up with a talkshoe talkcast/podcast called The Triple Feature with three web comics who have comics about movies. They talk about movies that they have seen.

When I got back to Minneapolis I went on over to the Mall of America. I love going there. I was using my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr to make sure I got a GPS location for my photos. A very cool product. I’m still working on my review for that product which will be very very cool. I think you are gonna want one of these gadgets.

Here are some additional photos taken while at the MOA.

Photo-A-Day #872b 08/28/07 Photo-A-Day #872c 08/28/07

I also used the XShot to take a few of the photos. And while I was taking a photo with the XShot I got a call from Michael from XShot. He is a really nice guy and he’s looking forward to giving away some cash to three lucky contestants next month in my next contest with XShot. Here are those Photos I took with the XShot.

Photo-A-Day #872d 08/28/07 Photo-A-Day #872e 08/28/07
Photo-A-Day #872f 08/28/07 Photo-A-Day #872g 08/28/07

I’m in Minnesota still so I have an extra hour to post this. I had to complete my Tech Tuesday post for FuelMyBlog’s Blog.

Contest Update. Tomorrow at 12:00noon EST the contest will end. No more points for comments and posts and many other things. I will be on a plane ride back to Boston and I will be getting home and counting up all the last minute points out there. So just want to let you all know that there have been many posts done by many of the contestants plus posts from other people. Here is the complete list of them. I hope you took time out to stop by and read them and comment.

I’m still counting all the points up, and when I am done I will update the stats. Get out and visit the great posts that have been written this month. Some very good stuff. And thanks so much for participating in this contest this month. Don’t forget to get your Xshot with my promo code of SPARK0907 that gets you an XShot for $19.95 ($5.00 off the retail price) and participate in my September XShot contest.

I just noticed that Scott picked another one of my photos for the WallHogs blog. Guess what that means, 5 more points for you by leaving comments there.

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  1. Thanks for those photos of Mall of America. I’ve always visit that place, but really had no reason to go to Minneapolis. The Xshot is a cool tool. My Wednesday posting will promote your Sept. Xshot contest.

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