Photo-A-Day #876 09/01/07

After a four hour nap we were up and taking Allison’s Mom to the airport. We got there in plenty of time and had Marcia in line about an hour before the flight. I certainly hope the rest of her day went smoothly.

Then Allison and I drove to the Cape. We had a great breakfast at Crab Apples and then got to the house. WE passed out for about two hours or so and got up drove further down Cape to have an excellent lunch at Capt. Parker’s with Grandma and Grandpa B.

We were there to celebrate Grandpa B’s 77th birthday. We had a delicious lunch and saw Scott, a family friend who has been at Capt. Parker’s for about 20 years. Probably the best waiter ever. He was great fun and even gave Allison and I a couple of Koozies for the Buffett Concert next week. “To put our beers in”, however I no longer drink any alcohol and Allison is pregnant, so it will keep my diet cokes and her waters cool.

After lunch we took a bunch of photos including the Photo-A-Day photo of Allison with Grandma B and the future Meme B. But we also took some other photos including the “three generations photo” of Grandpa, Dad and myself. We shall see in 7 weeks if we’ll get to do 4 generations of A.E.B.

Photo-A-Day #876b 09/01/07

So we are figuring out what the grandparent’s of our child should be named. We’ve got it decided but if you were looking for some names for what to call the grandparent’s check out the name suggestions at the new parents guide.

We got home and spent some nice time at the beach.

I’m still working on all the photos from the wedding. I took a bunch. The wedding was such a great time.

If you have an XShot or if you don’t, get one, you should try my XShot Contest 2: Creative Photographs from You!

I didn’t even get a photo this week for the photo hunt. I do have some photos for Green Thumb Sunday though, so check back tomorrow.

I ended up taking a few photos tonight at dusk to practice some nighttime shots. Here are two of those ones.

Dusk on The Cape
Patriotic Decorations

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