Worked from home today. Took my Mom over to work this morning and as I was coming home I saw the herd of cows that I thought was gone. I’m going to try and swing by the pasture tomorrow morning and hopefully get some cow photos.

This afternoon I put together two sets of photos for my most recent PhotoWalks using my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr. This is one great device and I have a review coming soon and it will blow you away with the coolness of this item. The photos are on both Zooomr and Flickr. I also wrote up the PhotoWalk that I did with my dad a couple of weeks ago for It may not be up yet because it needs to be published by Trevor. That’s cool. I cant wait to see it go up. You can see the set for the Falmouth Photowalk on Zooomr and Flickr and You can see the sets for the Falmouth PhotoBlading on both Zooomr and Flickr.

The Washer and Dryer arrived today. I am psyched.

Well it is now off to Baby Class. The first one that we have.

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11 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #881 09/06/07”

  1. Lyndon says:

    Lol, that’s pretty much how lazy I’m feeling right now.

  2. Mo says:

    I hope baby class was fun!!!

    I got my XShot today and it’s more awesomer than I dreamed!!!

    I can’t wait to play with it!!

  3. Chilli says:

    i love it when cats act like human beings and you see that they feel fine. mine does that too, especially on our patio in the sun.

  4. Drew says:

    That is what I should have been doing yesterday afternoon. I need a nap.

  5. Drew says:

    Hey Mo,
    Baby class was fun, it is funny to see how the Dads are. And we even saw someone that I knew from High School.
    Can’t wait to see your awesome XShot photos.

  6. Drew says:

    Hi Chilli,
    Oliver and Duncan are very humanlike from time to time. They are very cute.

  7. Drew says:

    I saw Mike Y. He and his wife were there.

  8. Todd says:

    Awwwww! what a cute kitty! And I’m a sucker for black and white cats too!!! Are you expecting? Enjoy every minute of your children. The Seem to Grow up way too fast!!! Sincerely, Todd.

  9. Drew says:

    Thanks for the comments. I had to edit them a bit because of the caps. Please also leave a name rather than a keyword in the future. I communicate with each of my readers and value them very much. I appreciated your comments. Thanks.

  10. Joana says:

    Ah, the kitty reminds me of how I’m feeling right now – don’t wanna do anything but lounge around! 🙂

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