Photo-A-Day #882 09/07/07

So tonight I took this photo of some of the camera equipment that we have int he house as decoration. I then went to the back room to begin to blog. I had about an hour and a half before Psych came on so I was pretty golden for getting things done.

Well productivity did not happen. I was on the computer answering some e-mails and I noticed that one of the cats, Oliver from yesterday’s Photo-A-Day was acting funny. He was doing the butt scoot across the floor. I went to inspect what was going on and he ran off like a shot, I noticed a weird looking line on his hind legs. Well, Allison and I finally caught Oliver and found that the weird looking line on his back legs was actually string from a gift bag that was coming out of his butt. And it was covered with poop. So I cleaned off the string. I have heard about cats eating string and whatnot before so I was worried. Yesterday he puked up a ball of it and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where a silvery string came from. Tonight I found it beside the couch, and there was a some eaten from the bag. So Allison cut the string, I cleaned up Oliver. Then I called the vet emergency office. I also did some searches online. If this ever happens to you, DO NOT PULL THE STRING. This could very well contract the intestines of your cat. If you ever notice string in your cats mouth or coming out of the cats rectum contact your vet. I hope this never happens to your pets but if it does I hope it doesn’t happen after hours. Oliver just got a little more expensive. But we love him very much and am glad that he is going to be okay.

Oh yeah, how do I know this. I took Oliver to Tufts V.E.T.S. and they were wonderful. They checked him out and did X-Rays and could see no impacting and no crushing or constricting of the intestines. That is what could happen if you pull the string. So we are to watch him to see if he acts normally in the next few days.

Well with that drama over I wanted to tell you about a few cool things I’ve done online. I have written a post on (it was split into two posts) and one on Blue Ribbon Bloggers.

Today I did a phone interview with Blog for a new feature on their blog. The interview should be up tomorrow.

Also I created a New England Photowalking group on Flickr. It is by invite only so if you would like to participate in Photowalking New England, showcasing your photowalks then please contact me on Flickr. The group address is

Also Slices of introduced me to this great video. Scary that I know all about what they are mentioning.

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #882 09/07/07”

  1. My Mitty the Kitty almost died when he was a kitten, because I didn’t know that tinsel on the Christmas tree was bad. He was eating it, and it got stuck inside him and made him sick. The vet got it all out, though.

    I’m glad Oliver is okay now!

  2. Thank goodness he is okay. I was a wreck inside taking him and hearing him cry, I know it is because of the car ride but I also couldn’t help feeling that he was in pain and scared and each cry made it worse. He is doing much better and chasing a giant green bug at the moment. He’s doing okay.

  3. I go back to work, take a FOUR DAY blogging break and I can’t catch up and everything is new!

    I want to join that group. I’m going to that photowalk site.

    I have an iron clad rule in my house: NO DENTAL FLOSS IN WASTE BASKETS. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Yes, I have gently pulled. If it came easily, fine, If not, I left it alone. That must’ve been a few hundred bucks. Bad kitty!! (They are all bad!)

    I was afraid the problem was Allison. Thank god it wasn’t.

  4. Hi Meeyauw, Thanks for the concern. Oliver seems to be doing well. Allison is fine other than being upset, otherwise we are fine. And yeah it cost a few bucks. Oh well, piece of mind and all. I hope you join the photowalkers. That would be cool. I need to get it more organized.

  5. Thanks for the concern Traveller. Ollie is doing well. I love old cameras and they really fit with my choice of favorite pasttime, photography.

  6. OMG!! The SAME thing happened to my sister’s cat a few weeks ago!!! What are the chances!!?? Her cat is fine…but she didn’t know what was going on…and yes, she pulled the string!! She said it was awful…but thankfully little PJ is ok! I’ll keep Oliver in my thoughts! Poor baby!!

  7. She is very lucky. There are so many bad things that could have happened. I wish that I had read that beforehand and also that we didn’t accidentally leave that around.

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