Photo-A-Day #885 09/10/07


Guess what arrived today? Yes, my latest winnings from an online contest. this time the prize was from I Rate my Day. This is a neat little site where you can put up a post about how your day is going and then from there you can have a widget appear on facebook or your blog. I have been using it for a while that I can now change my image, I have a pirate one. Yarr!

Unfortunately it is late and I have yet to even hook up my Zune to play around with it. We had a very busy day. Allison and I had two Dr. Appointments. One for a regular weekly checkup. Things are going well. the other was with a pediatrician. And that went really well, this guy put us right at ease and took the time to spend with us to answer any and all questions that we had. I was very pleased leaving the office.

Today Dad and I started the back bathroom. Dad did most of the work, I pretty much hauled stuff around. But much progress was made. I also shredded about two large leave bags full of old documents. Time for some house cleaning.

Our wallet took another hit in the form of some car repairs. Honestly does it ever stop. At least we have less wear and tear on Allison’s car in the near future.

We also picked up some additional things from our registry and Target had some great sales this week. We walked out with $15.00 in gift cards for purchases that we would have made normally. Nice. And thanks to everyone who gave us gift cards we were able to knock the total amount of money that we had to pay in half. That made that hit less difficult to take.

My computer is starting to do weird things. The past couple of days when I turn on the monitor first I get a wicked high pitched wail from it. But if I leave it off till the computer boots up, no wail. And today the button stuck when I attempted to turn on the computer causing it to turn off. I took off the side panel to check things out and got it working, but that cut into the Zune setup time.

Just to let you know the kick butt trailer for Iron Man is now up. Take a look at Robert Downey Jr. pulling off a pretty cool Tony Stark.

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15 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #885 09/10/07”

  1. Congrats on the Zune!

    I found your Target registry online…now I know what you have and what you need! I love Target…good stuff, great prices.

    Cars…it’s a toss-up sometimes when it comes to the expenses. We chose to trade in our old one and buy new because we were having one repair issue after another, and we really weren’t sure when it would end. So now we have a new car, with an extended warranty so we don’t have to pay for any repairs for at least the next six years. But, on the other hand, we have a car payment again. They do get you coming and going with cars, but what can you do?

  2. oh my god! you really have one of these now? i wish i had one too. my ipod has become a little boring… i should definitely take part in some online contests too. have fun with it

  3. I got a “Zune Starter Kit” in the mail last week…I searched the envelope…but no Zune was to be found! Ha! It came with a VERY nice pen that I now covet…(I was going to write something here regarding my affection for writing instruments here but when I typed it out it looked scathingly wrong and unreadable for the blogging audience!!) and a personalizing skin kit that I can order online for my Zune that I don’t have. Luckily, I do have an iPod and my Nintendo DS…and I can get skins for those as well:)

    Enjoy the Zune!! That is Zunetastic!!!

    Good luck with the computer too-mine has been acting all creepy as well. I think it knows I want something else…so it’s just being mean!!!

  4. Thanks Christine,
    I’ll have to say, I like the Zune very much. I let things load up overnight as I was staying up way to late tinkering. But tonight I will play some more.

    Yeah there are a few things that we still need, luckily nothing really big so no huge things to purchase. However we have a few to go.

    As far as the car, Allison’s is a little more new than mine and a but more expensive. We have to keep her in a safe car. But mine is paid off so we can start banging away at her payments.

  5. Chilli,
    I love online contests, when the Zune arrived my dad signed for it and told the mailman, “I bet this this was free”. He knows I’ve been on a fairly hot winning streak, it is nuts.

    The two (Zune & IPod) are very different but both have great features. I really like the Zune so far too.

  6. Mo,

    Just don’t write about the 13″ PPP pen, that would get some funny looks. Send them a portrait and their will send you one in a Postie Pack.

    So why did you get a Zune Starter Kit? That is weird since you have no Zune, are you getting one? And why would their be a pen, pens have nothing to do with the Zune.

    I hope the computer thing was just a hiccup, since we are in no position to buy a new one.

  7. It came from my place of employment, apparently someone out there wants me to sell Zune’s…and to try and get me to do it they sent me the starter kit. But low and behold, I do not intend to sell the Zune…I think students like to spend extra $$ on beer and the like:)

    I hope the computer thing was a hiccup on BOTH our ends!! I can’t afford one at this “pwahnt” either:) Though I can get a good deal with my company and Dell…but I think I’ll wait as long as I can. I need to back up a lot of files first though!!

  8. The Zune has already missed the market. It is a reaction by Microsoft to the IPOD. Too little too late it is also way to expensive. Sure it is cool but it is not going to win out.

    How many points do I get for this contest?

    P.S. I like boxes

  9. Stephen, good to see that you are back up to your old tricks.

    Bottom line – The Zune was free. And I like it.

    Your comments are worth 10,000 Shrute-bucks.

  10. Mike,
    I like both my iPod and my Zune. I am looking at all of my PHoto-A-Day Files on my Zune as I loaded them on both the Zune and the IPod last night. I didn’t stay up to see which one finished first. But the Zune screen is sweet.

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