Oliver spent some “kneadiness” time with me. I caught a great shot of his paw extended with the claws out. We’re trying to spend a little time with the boys as the attention will not be on them very soon.

Speaking of the baby we had out second baby class and the video from the class tonight was so old that some of the babies from the video could have been our classmates. And I think that the film was made locally because I a wicked cool in the movie. I did have fun making funny little remarks to Allison as it played.

Today I worked from home and Dad made much progress on the new bathroom. I gave him a hand on a few things that needed to be carried in and out. We carried in the new shower. He’s doing a great job on the room and we are very happy for all the help.

Today I put all of my Photo-A-Day photos on both the Zune and the iPod. I tried doing it the other night and put way too many photos on the devices. So I made a folder and put all the images in the folder. I have a few more comparisons to make between the devices and will put together an extended review of the devices.

PayPerPost is going to send a Postie to CollegeFest. It is in Boston next weekend. I threw my hat in the ring to go and blog the event. Man I hope I get the chance to do it. Anybody want to help campaign for me to go. Drop them a comment on the post about CollegeFest ’07 and let them know I am the right Postie for he job.

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8 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #888 09/13/07”

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Ollie! =^..^=

    Drew, I really hope you get that gig. I did leave a comment over there saying that I think you’d do a wicked awesome job at this. And I know that the $500 would come in very handy at this time.

    Good luck! You deserve this chance!

  2. Christie says:

    Love the kitty picture…we got two kitties who are tuxedo kitties…we nick named them This One and That One…I can’t get enough pictures of my babies on Flickr.

  3. Drew says:

    Hi Christine,
    I would love to get that chance to cover the event. And yeah the $500 would be really helpful right now. I knew you’d enjoy seeing Ollie.

  4. Moe says:

    Very nice kitty picture!

  5. Drew says:

    Hi Christie,
    I love the names, this one and that one. So awesome!

  6. Drew says:

    Hey Moe,
    I appreciate the comments. Glad you liked the photo.

  7. Mo says:

    yay Oliver!

    there are certainly a lot of “mo’s” commenting on the benspark now!! as long as we all understand i’m the original…it’s all good!!

    i can’t wait to hear about the zune comparison to the ipod! i’m still fuming that i bought mine this summer for the video nano to come out a few month’s later! i feel so behind the times;)

  8. Drew says:

    I have a certain amount of tech envy right now with the 160GB iPod classic. Yeah that rocks. I just love having that much storage in my hands. The iPod nano commercials are really very cool.

    Today I am going to try and compare the battery life of the Zune and iPod as they both play the same music and display my entire 888 days of PAD.

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