Photo-A-Day #900 09/25/07


One thing that I have wanted for my own since I saw it on an episode of RockStartup is PayPerPost Putty. It is bright green and this past weekend I was given 2 tins of it.

Tonight Allison and I took infant CPR classes. Things certainly have changed in just a few short years. The class was good and we kinda wished that some of the parents in that class were also ones who were in our regular baby classes. Oh well. Tonight we actually got to watch one of our favorite shows. Bones is back on TV. Yay!

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18 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #900 09/25/07”

  1. It’s flubberific!

    Remember the Police CD opp? I did that one, and was one of the ones who got the CD. They also sent me some other schwag, including a tin of that flubber, oh, I mean putty. It’s fun to play with. I have to keep it away from the cats, though. They’ve been very interested in the shiny tin and the bright green color of the putty.

  2. I remember the Police CD. I did not get one of them. I can’t believe that my post didn’t win a CD, oh well. I have the putty at work so no worries on the cats.

  3. Meeyauw,
    It is like a stress ball, you squeeze it with your hands and then put it back int he tin, then it molds itself back to the shape of the tin

  4. It is some really cool stuff, very fun to play with. I saw your comment over on BenSpark 2. I would love it if you wrote up a post about the calendar and you can pay directly they will send me a check. Thanks so much.

  5. Hey Drew,

    That pic is awesome. We actually need a good pic of the putty for the PPP Gear site. If you’re cool with it I’d like to use a higher rez version for some promotional material.

    Also just wanted to say you did an awesome job in Boston at CollegeFest. It was great hanging out with you and seeing your dedication to your blog and ppp.

    Let me know..

  6. Hi Marty,
    I would be perfectly fine with you using the image. I’ll send you the high res one right away. Thanks very much about this past weekend. I had a great time.

  7. Hi Duong,
    I see that my responses are not coming up as posts on your blog anymore. That was really weird. What is a new create? The putty, no, putty has been around for a while and it is really fun stuff. When you mash it up and put fingerprints in it and then put it back int eh tin it goes back to a flat surface. Very cool.

  8. dear, i’m pleasure for your posts. Just i realy didn’t understand why it posted without my accept, i just thought there are a problem with my blog, you know, it just can be articles when we posted them by ourself, but i didn’t do it, so i removed all them out, lol, if u could post them like articles for ur campaign, i’ll be ok with them, lol. i thought about bean flour, we can use it with some sugar and water, lol

  9. It had to be the e-mail address that you used to post those messages that I responded to. You can use certain e-mails to do direct posts to your blog.

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