Photo-A-Day #907 10/02/07

Today is Cats on Tuesday. And since I was home today and I’ve been taking nothing but photos of the baby furniture and all I thought I’d get one of the cats. This is Duncan, he’s hanging out in the kitchen. Of course you could have gotten photos of the baby bouncer, baby swing or the base for the infant car carrier. That is what I am all about these days.

So today I went Pink on all my blogs. It is all for a good cause, for Breast Cancer awareness.

Today I also got a notice about a fraudulent charge on one of my credit cards. That was really annoying. The call came to me and I am very distrustful of phone calls from credit card companies. So I always make sure I call them instead. So I got the information I needed and then called back. There were some fraudulent charges on a site called It is a travel site and I have not done any travel booking either and I would have used another site anyway. So it was very odd. Then I had to make a bunch of changes. Arrgh such a pain, but I did appreciate my credit card company for alerting me right away.

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7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #907 10/02/07”

  1. Hi, Duncan! 🙂

    That credit card thing is scary…wonder how they got your card info in the first place?

    I do a lot of shopping online, and I have had my bank cancel my card number and issue me a new one no less than three times that I can think of. They told me that my card *may have been compromised*, and they were canceling and reissuing just to be safe. No one ever charged anything on the account, but I did appreciate the bank for being diligent about this.

  2. Hi, Cute cat I have a black and white one quite similar to Duncan (although she is so fat), anyway I just wanted to say that the credit card fraud you have encountered sucks!! I had £1000 debited on mine once to pay off another credit card in someone elses name, I did get the money back but after a couple of weeks and the hassle I had to go through was awful, anyway I hope you get it all back.xx

  3. Hi Michelle, Duncan is a lean machine. The credit card thing was really an irritant. I am now a bit paranoid of my other cards too.

  4. So Plants on Sunday, Macro shots on Mondays Cats on Tuesday you are starting to limit yourself.

    Personally I don’t like the Green Thumb Sunday plants bore me. I do like to eat grass but beyond that I don’t care about plants. Sometimes I pee on them but I don’t think that is really showing an interest in them.

    I am sure you know my stance on cats as well. As for Macros I guess they are cool. Personally I like when you just pick a picture and throw it up there. I like the anticipation of trying to guess what the Photo of the day will be. Sundays I am like I bet it will be a plant.

    Fortunately there are 7 days in a week for the love of god don’t Aassign anymore days specific picture types.

  5. Stephen,

    You actually make a good point. This week my daily photos have been pulling double duty. It is a sign of laziness on my part. I have a camera and there are tons of things to take photos of. I will still participate in the weekly memes but those will be their own posts as they have been rather than rolled into the Photo-A-Day. I’ll get back to the random shots and focus more on the photography rather than the themes.

  6. haha that lil kitty reminds me of that one cat from pinocchio… what was his name…. oh yea, Figaro! Both so cute 😀

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