Photo-A-Day #913 10/08/07

So today Allison, the knitting machine, has finished yet another great project. This time she finished the sweater that our baby is going to wear home from the hospital. Allison has certainly worked very hard on all of her knitting projects and it shows.

Today I figured that I would not put in the contact, instead I would figure out something to do with my glasses. I used my contact all day yesterday and was up at 1:00am and have been up since with a few sleep intervals. So I didn’t feel like wrestling that tiny piece of plastic into my eye. So, I took my PayPerPost putty and used that to stick my glasses arm to my glasses. It worked pretty good but eventually the putty stretches and then falls off. It is for stress not for keeping glasses together. But it is a fetching green color.

Photo-A-Day #913b 10/08/07

Today was a nice day at home and a vacation day to boot. Today I worked on a huge post about one of my new favorite websites called

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9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #913 10/08/07”

  1. Hi Jackqueline,

    I really like your blog, the photos are very nice and your writing is good. I appreciate that you stopped by this blog. I see that yours is pretty new I wish you luck on it and I subscribed so I could read more.

  2. What a beautiful little sweater! That’s terrific, she should be very proud of herself.
    As for the putty, while the green matches the sweater, not sure it’s the best look for you! 😀

  3. The seater is lovely! I wish I could knit, I just make a mess out of the yarn when I try. It’s been awhile I might have to try again.

    The green putty looks … useful! Yes, that’s it, useful.

  4. You can say it, the green putty is weird looking. I’m hoping the glasses will be fixed tomorrow. Try again with the knitting, it is very fun, at least that is what Allison thinks.

  5. First…the putty is brilliant! Lovely color! And second…I am so completely impressed with the little knitted sweater! I’ve tried several times to knit and I’m convinced that it’s impossible, really. Your little one is certainly going to be blessed to have a knitting mommy!

  6. Hi Jenny,

    I agree, our baby is going to be very lucky. Hopefully today I can get my glasses fixed. Try knitting again who knows it might take this time.

  7. Errrr… you may not want to post such personal information on your site. You don’t know who may be reading it.

    Just a thought from a paranoid man.

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