Photo-A-Day #917 10/12/07

Eva came home today.

This morning I headed back over to the hospital after a good solid 6 hours of sleep. Allison got three and I’ll be running diaper duty for the night tonight so she can get a little more sleep. Eva is doing great, she had a bunch of tests and we met with our pediatrician. He is a very good guy. He’s so personable and tells us like it is. We are in agreement with his ideas and methods. After he left we had some time with one of the nurses who went over many instructions on resources at the hospital. She was also our discharge nurse. Allison and I had lunch together. We tag team diaper changed and we also got things packed up to go home. I carried everything out till it was just down to the car seat, Eva and Allison. We go out to the car and in 15 minutes we were pulling up to home.

Back at the house my Dad was hard at work getting things together on our bathroom and he also took the time to totally clear out the wisteria vines that had overtaken the front porch. MY mom’s class made these wonderful signs to welcome home Eva. And we even found a little poem form one of the kids on Allison’s nightstand. Mom and my sister Tara cleaned our place. Mom cleaned most of today and set up a bunch of things in our room and the rest of the house. It was perfect to come home to a well cleaned home.

Oliver and Duncan were curious of Eva but they finally settled in and pay her very little mind. They like to come over and sniff at her but they are content to relax and just watch her and Allison or me.

Allison and Eva bonded while I went shopping. I bought my little girl her first pretty pink outfit. Sure it is for 9 months from now but I am excited for her to wear it. I also got the Amazing Animals train, a set of rechargeable batteries from Energizer and a great charging station that can charge batters AAA, AA, C, D and 9volt. I’m glad I did because many items require batteries and we are looking forward to using them all.

We then had dinner with Tara and Erik, Mom (Grandma) & Dad (Grandpa). Eva was in her car carrier and she sat up on the kitchen island. She had a bird’s Eye view of the whole place. Mom went out and picked up a bunch of pink outfits for Eva, many for when she is older, which is very cool. We are very excited.

I was able to upload more photos to the Baby Eva Flickr Set.

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #917 10/12/07”

  1. In the words of our Dr. “She has everything she is supposed to and nothing she isn’t”. Eva is nice and healthy. Thanks for the concern. I appreciate it.

  2. Thanks Mo. It was the best sun the whole day. We were giving Eva the most sun we could give her. Sunlight through the windows are great for baby since windows block the harmful rays. And I love how the light fell on Allison. It just enhances how beautiful she aleady is.

  3. Drew, that is a beautiful picture! It’s just perfect capturing that moment. And tell your wife she looks fabulous! My in hospital pics I think look like I got beat up LOL she looks great 🙂

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