Photo-A-Day #923 10/18/07

Today I spent my day with Dark Lime paint. Yeah, last time I used the Aura paint it was great, this time is was terrible. It was streaky it started out yellow and didn’t dry right at all. So I did it a second time. It covered a little better but still is not good at all. I’m going to take the paint back and see if there was something wrong with it. This is the Benjamin Moore Aura Paint. I’ve used it before and it worked fantastic. This time it was watery and not very god at all. I think there might be something wrong with the paint.

I got a haircut today and Allison and Eva came with me to visit with Amanda our hairdresser. She has been hearing about the baby for months and she did Allison’s hair for the wedding so it was important to see her and introduce her to Eva. She was thrilled.

Tonight Dad came home and did the tiling on the bathroom and needed a few more tiles so I went to Home Depot to get them for him. I picked up 13 tiles and a bucket of skim coat. I was standing in line waiting to check out when the people in front of me had a credit card that was not theirs. Meanwhile 13 tiles don’t seem heavy but add a gallon of skim coat to the mix and I was starting to feel the strain. I just knew that I’d we standing around for a while but there was nowhere to put the items. So I held out and held on. I hate when I can tell that I’m just going to be stuck behind someone who is clueless. It happens all the time. I would just like to find that out much sooner so I wouldn’t get into the line. Or maybe because my getting in line behind people makes them stupid and slow. Who knows.

Tonight our friends Marybeth and Damian brought us pizza for dinner and they hung out for a while. We had a great time chatting with them and Swapping stories. Damian and I talked cameras. I got a bonus shot of Marybeth with Eva and Marybeth is pregnant with a little boy. So Eva will have a little friend in March.

Photo-A-Day #923b 10/18/07

We had a very nice day and tomorrow Grandma S. arrives!

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #923 10/18/07”

  1. Aaaawww…more Eva cuteness! I think she looks a little like both you and Allison.

    Yeah, I know the feeling about always getting stuck in line behind the clueless. Usually, this happens to me at the stupidmarket, and someone in front of me is trying to use coupons for stuff that they aren’t buying. For instance, the coupon clearly says something like “$1.00 off TWO” of something, and they are only buying one. And then they have to argue with the cashier forever. Gack.

  2. Eva is absolutely gorgeous…there is no denying it!

    I had a similar “line” experience this weekend…I was thinking I would blog about it…but things have been kind of hectic:( I might still…but here’s the kicker…after being in the line for so long behind IDIOTS…THIS IDIOT realizes she’s in a store in MA…and her wallet is in ME!!! UGH!

    Have a lovely visit with Grandma S.!! So exciting!

    PS-I must have had some intuition mojo going because a friend of mine had her baby yesterday…the day I called Eva to be born in the pool…so right day…wrong baby!! ha!

  3. Being in line certainly stinks. It is inevitable that the person in front of me has way fewer brain cells needed to function properly but what can you do.

    I think I’m going to have to get out of the house and take other photos soon. But I love taking Eva photos.

  4. I think your intuition is very good, just a bit mixed up. We are looking forward to the next visit starting tonight. Should be fun. See you soon.

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