Photo-A-Day #930 10/25/07

Today we went to NH to visit our friends up there. We stopped first at Rich and Gail’s. They were so excited to see Eva. We had a very nice visit with them and headed up to Sandy’s house. There we dropped off Marcia and Allison, Eva and I went to Saint A’s to see who was around.

We went to the bookstore first so I could get Eva a T-Shirt. It is a 12 month one so she won’t be wearing it for a while but that is okay. We stopped by the Dean of Student’s Office. There we spent a good amount of time talking with Linda and catching up on what was happening on campus. However Joe wasn’t around and Drew was in a meeting and we couldn’t find Fr. Mathias. We went out front and Allison took a photo of me and Eva in front of Alumni Hall.

Photo-A-Day #930b 10/25/07

Then we headed over to pick up lunch as I also picked up some comic books at Double Midnight Comics. Brett was happy to see me and meet Eva. We missed Chris and Scott too.

We then headed over to Sandy’s for lunch. Sherrie was there as well and her son Scott came over to visit and meet Eva. We had a bunch of people visit at Sandy’s including Sarah’s mom, Barbara and sister, Megan. I made sure that we got photos of everyone.

Photo-A-Day #930c 10/25/07 Photo-A-Day #930d 10/25/07 Photo-A-Day #930e 10/25/07
Photo-A-Day #930f 10/25/07 Photo-A-Day #930g 10/25/07 Photo-A-Day #930h 10/25/07

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #930 10/25/07”

  1. You didn’t have to work today? Did you quit your job to be with Eva already?? I don’t blame you if you did…I’d want to spend it with her too!

    Let me know if you want any more bookstore gear…”I know people;)”


  2. Thanks Mo, I didn’t know that you had connections to the SAC gear still. I had yesterday off and am working from home today. I’m stretching out this paternity time thing to spend much time with little Eva and Allison to help them out.

  3. It was like musical chairs, except the person that had her when she soiled her diaper won the prize of changing her. So, not much of a prize.

  4. Great pictures,Eva looks good in a St. A’s shirt. Better start saving now. I think my favorite grandaughter has been hugged by more people in her first two weeks than Bill Clinton did durring his term as president.

  5. I think I am going to have to try and get my old job as an RD back to put Eva through college. I think that Uncle Erik is going to be helping with the college savings plans for Eva. But yes, I must start saving now. And little Eva has gotten many many hugs in her first two weeks for sure.

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