Photo-A-Day #935 10/30/07

Today on the way home the traffic was pretty backed up so I got off at the exit before ours and took the back way home. When I go that way I pass the Big Apple Farm and I stopped and picked up a cute little pumpkin for Eva. Because tomorrow is Halloween I wanted to make sure that she had her first pumpkin just for herself.

Allison had dressed Eva in one of her Halloween outfits and when I got home I took my big orange sweater, laid it on the bed and put the pumpkin down and then put Eva on the sweater. She cried and she fussed so I would pick her up and rock her and talk to her and she would calm down. Then I would put her down and take a few more pictures till she fussed again. Then I would repeat the process. I did this a few times and came up with some nice photos overall. You can see them on the Eva Gallery at Flickr.

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