Today was a pretty cool day. My friends John and Christine gave Allison and I three great board books for Eva. John also special ordered a Transformers onesie with the Autobot Symbol on it. He got it on EBay and has been waiting for it to arrive because he was very excited to give it to me. And Can you tell that I was excited to put it on Eva. I got home and saw that Allison was getting ready to change Eva. I quickly volunteered and gave her a quick outfit change as well. Then I took the Photo-A-Day with her using my XShot. I had it in my left hand so I have no idea why my right hand was up. I also figured that if Eva and I were lying down she wouldn’t fuss. But it just made it a little more difficult to try and take the picture on my own.

Photo-A-Day #938b 11/02/07

But I did get these first two photos and I love how Eva is looking in photo #2. She is just so cute and has this expression on her face like she knows that Autobots are the good guys and she is looking up to her geeky daddy.

Photo-A-Day #938c 11/02/07

Allison came in and took some additional photos. This one you can see the excitement in my face that Eva has her own Transformers Onesie. She’s going to start learning about the Transformers soon, since she will get to play with my collection when she is much much older.

Photo-A-Day #938d 11/02/07

with this last picture I was trying to show that beneath her little duckie sleeper this beauty was “More than meets the eye!” I know that is cheesy but I am a proud geeky daddy so cut me some slack. I have to get the rest of the cartoons on DVD so we can watch them when she is much much older.

Today I learned about and implemented the widget for Utterz. That is a very very cool site. You should sign up.

I’ve been doing a little house cleaning around here. Taking care of some spare widgets and unnecessary chicklets, moving some things higher and other things lower on the sidebar. Stuff like that. The blog isn’t completely done and to my liking yet and then I have to check it and fix it in I.E. but soon I will call it complete.

My new blog Read To Me, Dad, May not look to impressive yet but last night I saw the proposed first draft of the theme and it looks awesome. That is going to be great when it is complete. And I think I will get to meet Nate Whitehill from Unique Blog Designs at Blog World Expo. He’s taking care of the new theme.

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5 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #938 11/02/07”

  1. Andrée says:

    Look at how aware she is! Amazing. Great photos here.

  2. Drew says:

    She was very, very alert yesterday after sleeping for such a long time.

  3. Karen says:

    How sweet! I think your little girl will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger! As she should.

  4. Drew says:

    She sure does. Completely and totally.

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