Photo-A-Day #943 11/07/07

Today I flew from Providence to Las Vegas. I am in Vegas for 4 days for Blog World Expo and PostieCon. The flights were both on time and it was smooth sailing. I read up on my new camcorder the Canon ZR850. I am all ready to start making videos at Blog World Expo. Kevin from FuelMyBlog has set me up to start talking with many people in the blogging community. Were going to do a sort of 3 questions with BenSpark sort of thing. Three quick questions and then post up the video on FuelMyBlog. We discussed this tonight when I met Kevin, Ian, Marcus and Gary for the first time. They are over at the Stratosphere and I am at Circus, Circus, but I bet you could figure that out from the Photo-A-Day. I am looking forward to the day tomorrow and it will be nice to meet a bunch of bloggers, especially the folks who read this blog.

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #943 11/07/07”

  1. drew, glad to hear you arrived safely, I hope you have a good time and I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of the trip. Take care , Dad.

  2. Drewski—-We will be at Circus Circus too! Of course, we don’t get in until late Friday night–but cool-I know people!! Will you resend me your new blog? I’ve been searching for it–but I can’t find it or “The List”!!! Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. totally off-topic: but what a bizarre city that is. it is simply beyond my understanding how a whole megalopolis turned up because of gambling. I have to continue to see how your trip went.

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