Photo-A-Day #944 11/08/07

Trying to keep up this blog while in Vegas is tough. For one thing there is no Internet access at the hotel and I usually blog at night. I could do my photo-A-Day photo earlier but I never know if I am going to get a better one by the end of the day.

Today was pretty awesome. I met many people that I had only talked to online or whose blogs I have been reading. Hanging out with Kevin and Ian and Marcus and Gary was really fun too. This photo is of Sim from Utterz. Utterz is the site that I have been using to Mobile Blog while here in Vegas. That was worked out really well and Utterz is based out of Maynard MA. That is practically in my backyard when I am at work. They are only 7 weeks old and already taking the Internet by storm because of the way they integrate seamlessly with existing platforms like Twitter and WordPress and Blogger.

Last night I walked and walked and walked. See I am trying to save some money so I bought a ticket for the Deuce. That is the double decker bus here in Vegas. It is $5.00 to ride unlimited for a 24hr period. So I can ride till 7:00 on Friday night. The problem is that everything here is enormous. I thought the Hard Rock Hotel was so much closer than it actually was. And my feet ended up paying for it. But eventually I got to the Pajama party and I met a bunch of people. The experience was great.

On my way out of the casino I bestowed some luck on the IZEA Guys. They were play roulette and when I showed up their number hit. That is a 35 to 1 payout. So they were happy to see me. And if you think Ted Murphy is excited in everyday life watch him hit 35 to 1 on a decent bet. It was awesome! To rich for my blood but fun to watch. Friday looks like it wil be a great time too. Also I took a few more photos on the strip.

Photo-A-Day #944g 11/08/07 Photo-A-Day #944e 11/08/07 Photo-A-Day #944f 11/08/07
Photo-A-Day #944d 11/08/07 Photo-A-Day #944c 11/08/07 Photo-A-Day #944b 11/08/07

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