Photo-A-Day #951 11/15/07

This is my Bessie. Bessie was given to me by the guys from Utterz when I won the first Moblie prize. Utterz is one of the best online applications that I have ever used and I am now completely addicted to it. I am going to do a full on review of it soon, very soon but even before I do it you really should check into it and sign up. It is very cool and will be even better once I get my new mobile phone.

I’m at the office quite late because I am waiting to go to the airport to pick up my in-laws. Dano and Marcia are on their way from Florida. Their flight was mega delayed and I’m here at the office killing time. I’m actually going to go grab some dinner and then head out. I’m tracking them on This si a very cool tool. Being a traveler I would certainly use this service again in the future.

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10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #951 11/15/07”

  1. Hello – it is my first time visit here, found you on a do-follow blogroll – just wanted to say congratulations on winning the contest – I love contests and games, especially when I win (though that does not happen very often!) – the conference seems very interesting – I have read about it on almost everyone’s blog! I’ll come back to learn more about Utterz – it sounds interesting! Thanks and have a fun time at the rest of the conference and I look forward to coming back to see what you are up to …

  2. It is pretty cool. One of the more fun items that I got at Blog World Expo. Bessie is a prototype so eventually she may be made to be available to the wider public.

  3. Congrats on the prize. Does it have a squeeker in it? If it does I can get it out in abotu 5 min for you. I am also available for stuffing removal if you need those services.

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