Photo-A-Day #952 11/16/07

So, Duncan hasn’t been on the blog for a while. He’s been pretty needy since Eva has been born so I’m giving him some ‘face time’ here on the blog. Duncan and Oliver have been fighting too. Oliver gets right back up on his back paws and opens his front paws with claws out and the two of them look like little furry ninjas getting ready to spar.

I have an excellent post about Utterz that is all ready to go, problem is that I recorded a video to post to Utterz and so demonstrate how to use it and that video is 45MB large. Utterz accepts video at 30MB. I have to redo it and do it faster. So that is on the agenda for tomorrow.

I was supposed to have a conference call today with Photrade but they got busy because Shoemoney reviewed them and there as over 200 comments. I cannot imagine 200 comments on any one single post of mine. That is crazy. I did accomplish a few things however like posting the 3 questions with BenSpark video of Jim Kukral for FuelMyBlog. I also cleaned up a few things from each blog and removed some links I no longer need or want. I posted part 2 of the postie Fab Four panel at Postiecon 2007.

Dan and Marcia made a ton of Swedish meatballs today. And we had a nice dinner with my parents too. Been a busy day around here and one great thing is that I did the laundry tonight in our own place. Yep, Dad hooked up the dryer in the bathroom the other day and we are good to go.

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