Photo-A-Day #953 11/17/07

Here is Baby Eva with her Grandpa Dano, who just met Eva on Thursday night for the first time. Today was a busy one as we are getting the house ready for Eva’s Baptism tomorrow.

We are using the baptismal gown that Great-Grandma Eva was baptized in as well as Allison and her brother Nate (Eva’s godfather). The gown is over 100 years old and had tons of stains but Allison’s friend T.R. gave her a recipe of oxiclean and tide and she soaked the gown and a knit bonnet in the solution for a couple of days and it is almost totally white again. We are very happy to have such a precious heirloom in our family.

Today we cleared everything out of the front room and we now have a dining room again (we had it for 2 days months ago and so already had our first meal int he room.) We also hung all the curtains in the dining and living rooms and gave the place a nice cleaning. Having Dan and Marcia here has been great, they have really helped us and motivated us to get this place ship shape. Now we have to decorate the walls. For a photographer and an artistic wife with tons of photos in frames it is funny that we have next to nothing on the walls yet. Soon, very soon.

Here is another picture of something clean. Baby Eva.

Photo-A-Day #953 11/17/07

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