Today was Thanksgiving. It was also Eva’s first Thanksgiving. She was a sweet girl all day long, she had two walks and plenty of time being held. She slept most of the day and is pretty much passed out right now too. I figured that this photo would be a perfect one to symbolize Thanksgiving.

We had a nice day with a large group around a very full table. We had Dan & Marcia, Bonnie & Howard, Mom & Dad, Tara & Erik, Shelby, Allison, Eva and I. It was a wonderful meal surrounded by great people.

I took a few photos while out on our walk too.

thanksgiving_07_15 thanksgiving_07_14 thanksgiving_07_13 thanksgiving_07_12
thanksgiving_07_11 thanksgiving_07_10 thanksgiving_07_01 thanksgiving_07_02
thanksgiving_07_03 thanksgiving_07_04 thanksgiving_07_05 thanksgiving_07_06
thanksgiving_07_07 thanksgiving_07_08 thanksgiving_07_09

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2 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #958 11/22/07”

  1. perros says:

    Awwwww, what a sweet photo (and cute bib, too).

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks very much. We liked it.