Tonight was my 15 year High School Reunion. It was great to see old friends and catch up with them. I helped my friend Allie set up the reunion. Well, basically I took in the money and cut all the checks. And I offered a bit of advice on setting things up for the reunion. Part of the reunion, as you know if you’ve been reading this was a fund raiser for Mike and Becky Machinski. The funds that came in from the folks who read this blog and who bought the calendar was amazing and at the reunion we raised a good amount to give to Mike and Becky.

We had a silent auction at the reunion and there were some awesome things in the auction. I bid on 4 things and won each of them. So in the next few months Allison and I will learn rock climbing, Tai Chi and we got a beautiful waterfall photo to put in the house. We have no photos on the walls yet though. I put in a Photo-A-Day Calendar as well as a Portrait sitting. I was so surprised to see the portrait sitting get so many bids. I’m very excited.

It was so great to see everyone and I am so happy that we raised so much money for Becky and Mike.

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