Photo-A-Day #969 12/03/07

Day 3 of the December Challenge. I kind of copped out here. I did a self portrait. I wanted to ask someone if I could make their portrait but I was too shy. So I took this photo of myself with my timer using the custom timer feature on my Canon 800is. The feature lets you set a custom timer as well as how many photos to shoot. A waitress was passing by during this photo. I liked the effect.

So now I’ve done a portrait of the baby, a portrait of myself. I’m going to try and make sure I don’t take portraits of the same people twice. So since I am on the road I am going to have to reach out and try and find people willing to have their portraits made. Also I have my point and shoot with me so that should be interesting to work with that camera. I did set this image for wide screen because I wanted to show the singularity of myself in this shot.

The buzz about my three contests is begining to build. Laura at Laura William’s Musings wrote about all three. That was very very cool of her. Also Angela of Contest Anonymous wrote a contest roundup post linking to the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack contest. Don’t forget that I’m hosting 3 contests this month including.

And Also I’m doing really well in the 3rd International Blog Cup but I need your votes every day in order to win. Out of all the blogs there I would now be in second place. And if it comes down to me and XBrain I may not win unless more votes come my way, so any votes you can send would be great. Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #969 12/03/07”

  1. Yes, that would have been a great XShot opportunity. However I just put the camera on a ledge to keep it perfectly steady as I did not use flash. I can’t keep the camera steady enough with just my hands to shoot with the XShot and no flash. Too much movement.

  2. Thanks Laura.I think it was the way I sat still and the camera was on a ledge so it was totally still, using the timer was the key.

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